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Champagne R. Faivre

Belval sous Chatillon

Champagne R FAIVRE is located in the heart of Champagne, between Reims and Epernay in Belval sous Chatillon.

Belval sous Chatillon is typical of the Marne Valley, renowned for its soils with a silty clay tendency, this terroir reveals precisely the characteristics of the Meunier grape.

The peculiarity of the exploitation of Champagne R FAIVRE is that it is in mono-terroir, indeed all the plots of the exploitation are located in Belval sous Chatillon.

For 10 years, I have imposed a different viticulture, VDC and HVE certified in 2016, we are now in Conversion AB.
This viticultural shift paved the way for a change of course in winemaking as well. 2017 was the end of the cooperative model towards total independence.

The change in practice in the vineyards and in particular the conversion to AB, led to a drop in results, to offer a good concentration of grapes.

Working the soil has also allowed the vines to draw deep into the characteristics of the terroir, these practices offer us Champagne wines with a strong identity.

In order to reveal even more the typicality of the terroir, each R FAIVRE Cuvee is EXTRA BRUT.
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Champagne R. Faivre - L'Or de Faivre

L'or de Faivre

This cuvée is the very first one composed by David. Atypical because of its elaboration in barrels,its shape, its old-fashioned style, it represents the philosophy of thehouse R.Faivre.

L’OrdeFaivreis the symbol ofDavid’s shift toward the creation ofhis own terroir wines, with a special identity consistent withhis environmental commitment: strong pruning for a production limitation, careful manual trellising, ploughing and grassing, leaf removal and no herbicides nor insecticides use.

L’OrdeFaivre will offer you a gastronomic champagne: the extreme finesse of the bubbles, the fruitiness of the Meunier and the sensation of discovering a terroir will surprise you...

  • Terroir : Belval-sous-Châtillon, parcel of the place known as "Les Glises"
  • Grape varieties : 100 % Meunier
  • Vinification : Tank fermentation and 15 months maturation in oak barrels. No malolactic fermentation. No filtration nor chilling.
  • Aging : 36 months in cellars