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Le Cercle

des Créateurs de Champagnes Confidentiels

« TAILOR-MADE » CHAMPAGNES The Cercle was born out of our shared desire to introduce wine connoisseurs to champagnes aged in oak barrels, expressed in rich and multiple ways: terroir, grape varieties, barrel types, vinification...

Founded in 2014, our association is based on its members' tailor-made expertise of vinification and oak aging. They share a common desire: showcasing rare cuvées.

Our champagnes are doubly confidential, as they are produced in small – even very small – quantities. They trigger confidences and dialogue among wine enthusiasts who enjoy champagnes of character: tasting notes, winegrower contact information, wine and food pairings...

The Cercle draws together – and this is another unique feature we are proud of – producers from various backgrounds and terroirs: independent winegrowers, a cooperative, a wine school, and a co-op grower.
10 OAK CUVÉES Naturally, our cuvées can be enjoyed as apéritifs, but their full potential will be revealed when paired with a special dish or cheese. Discover each Artist's suggestions and know-how revealed in the descriptions of their confidential cuvées!