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Champagne Martinot

Bar sur Seine

The vineyard goes back to my great grand-parents. Their expertise has been transmitted from generation to generation. In 2005, after having become a wine-maker, I chose to go further and become a Grower Champagne maker. Since then, my wife has joined me in the family business.
A rich and diversified soil, spread over 6 villages of the Côte des Bars.
A deliberate choice of working only on the vintage, the nectar obtained from pressing.
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Champagne Martinot - Cuvée Rollon

Cuvée Rollon

The Pinot and Chardonnay benefit from a barrel-only wine making process in tribute to Albin's great grand-father, a cooper.
This particular's wine name comes from Peggy's grandparents' wooden boat.
This generous Champagne reveals a complex and nicely strctured nose : it opens with notes of nuts and dry apricot, then evolves on floral honeysuckle notes with subtil woody-vanilla and roasted notes.
The mouth is crisp and creamy, well structured, nicely balanced. You will taste mineral notes and the floral notes perceived with the nose with a delicious vanilla twist in the background.
This Champagne is at its best served at 50°F to appreciate the richness and complexity of its aromatic palette .
The Cuvée Rollon can be matched with tartar or carpaccio of scallops, fine fish or even supreme roasted guinea-fowl with a light –sauce.

  • Terroir : Côte des Bars
  • Grape varieties : Chardonnay (55%) and Pinot Noir (45%)
  • Production : 2000
  • Barrels : Champenois (300 à 600l) avec chauffe authentique moyenne
  • Vinification : classic entirely in oak barrels
  • Aging : 1 à 5 ans