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Champagne Crucifix Père & Fils

Avenay Val d'Or

"Le Champagne Crucifix Père et Fils" was produced with the effort paid by men and women who worked the land and vines for generations, always with a inner value of respect for life.

Our philosophy is to analyze, observe and study each production cycle with the aim of extracting the best that nature has to offer.
From our cultural practices in choosing the wine, the harvest until disgorging, a creative desire was born: to give birth to a champagne full of life, one that reflects our identity.

A true creator is the author of his own wine, where each vintage product bears his imprint.

Sébastien Crucifix
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Champagne Crucifix Père & Fils - Cuvée Signature

Cuvée Signature

This exceptional vintage is transformed into wine and aged for 6 months in oak barrels.

This type of winemaking gives to this vintage a spirit of "hand-made" giving it a unique style, confidence, avoiding the standardization of taste.

With its fine small bubbles, its full aromas and details, its discreet woody and roasted notes, this champagne makes you discover the passion and love for a unique wine.

To be enjoyed by connoisseurs, or at any special moment.

  • Terroir : Avenay Val d'Or ( 1er cru)
  • Grape varieties : 80 % Chardonnay - 20 % Pinot Noir
  • Production : 1000 bottles
  • Vinification : fermentation and aging in 205 liters and 300 liters oak barrels - medium heating. No glue, no filtration
  • Aging : 7 years on lees, in bottles.