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Champagne Boutillez Marchand

Villers Marmery

Founded in 1960, the Champagne house BOUTILLEZ MARCHAND is a family business currently managed by Marion BOUTILLEZ and Jean Michel SOURDET.

Our estate's distinctive features:
- Its exceptional Terroir : Villers-Marmery, one of the few villages in the Montagne de Reims which mainly grows Chardonnay,
- Unconventional and confidential Blanc de Blancs cuvées, displaying finesse, smoothness and delicate aromas.
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Champagne Boutillez Marchand - Cuvée Ratafia

Cuvée Ratafia

Our ratafia is produced from Chardonnay must which is blended with Marc and Fine de Champagne, and subsequently aged in oak barrels, using the Solera technique since 2003.
This yellow amber-coloured cuvée reveals a strong and rich nose (vanilla and caramel aromas) and a very smooth palate (dried apricot and honey aromas), accompanied by the typical finesse of the Chardonnay.

This is the ideal cuvée for an aperitif, but it can also be enjoyed with cheeses like comté or parmesan, or paired with the delicate acidity of a red fruit mousse.

The Ratafia Cuvée, Exceedingly Feminine.

  • Terroir : Villers-Marmery
  • Grape varieties : Chardonnay
  • Production : 300 bottles/year.
  • Barrels : 1 to 2 vintage used Fûts bourguignons (228 l barrels).
  • Vinification : Solera process, racking of 1/3 of barrel contents on a regular basis since 2003.
  • Aging : 10 months of aging in vats, followed by barrel aging